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What happens when you ask start-ups to challenge your business?

Written by Marcos Hart

Business Optimisation and Transformation Director, Wincanton

27th July 2017

Like many others in the logistics industry, there are still parts of our operations that are yet to be digitised. One W2 Labs start-up participant, Routeique, provides a platform which could allow us to utilise new technology to overcome these barriers and enable further digitisation of the supply chain.

Routeique is a cloud-based logistics and delivery management service combining a software platform with mobile applications, as well as Industrial Internet of Things devices, to provide services including vehicle tracking, asset tracking, signature capture and remote invoice printing.

We’re currently working with the Routeique team to understand the feasibility of replacing existing processes with digital equivalents to make our customer experience even better. Partnering with our customers, we’re evaluating the benefit a Routeique-based approach could deliver for all involved. Importantly, this stretches to the end customer experience which is now so important in an eCommerce world.

Mike Allan, Routeique President & CEO, said of W2 Labs: “We have really been encouraged by the willingness Wincanton have shown in putting everything up for discussion. Our solution has so many functions and can be deployed in so many ways so it’s great to work with a business that is open to new ideas and is so open to change.”

Asking how can we make our customers businesses better is key to measuring the success of W2 Labs. With our experienced teams, the enthusiasm of our customers and the innovative ideas of our start-ups we are sure to have some fantastic presentations at demo day. Keep a look out for the latest updates from our sponsors and start-ups as we get closer to demo day.