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W2 Labs challenges start-ups to boost workplace safety

Written by Marcos Hart

Group Transformation and Risk Director at Wincanton

7th March 2019

W2 Labs is all about disruption. It’s an incubator for innovation and progress in the industry, and a platform for fresh, different ideas to bring about new ways of working.

At Wincanton, we’re always looking for innovative thinking, both for competitive advantage and to create smarter, safer working environments for our staff.

We are a safety-first business, with people our top priority. On the road, in the warehouse and around our sites; all areas of our business deal with risks on a daily basis. Because of this, it’s our responsibility to assess hazards effectively, make informed, intelligent plans and prepare for all eventualities to keep everyone safe.

This is why the ‘Open Season’ category of this year’s W2 Labs programme is focused on SafetyTech. Innovation has helped to drive the progress the logistics industry has made around health and safety, informing processes that have created better workspaces for all involved.

Soter Analytics was successful in qualifying for this category, with their proposition taking on the safety challenge.

Their SoterSpine product is wearable technology that helps workers reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury. The technology monitors the movements and technique of those performing physical work, collecting data and providing real-time warnings about potentially harmful actions.

As well as giving instant feedback, the device works alongside a mobile app. This app displays the data to the individual, providing feedback and personalised training tasks to help educate about problematic movements and ultimately reduce them.

Continued recording monitors workers’ technique over a period of time, promoting behavioural change.

Open Season is all about introducing new ideas and ways of thinking to the industry. This year we’re delighted to support an exciting start-up in this space, as it looks to bring an industry-disrupting product to market.