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How data can fuel the engine of business

Written by Jane Davies

HR Director at Wincanton

12th May 2017

Supply chains consistently produce massive amounts of data. Finding ways to effectively collate, analyse and use this data remains a challenge for many logistics providers. That’s one of the reasons we’ve a dedicated a category to data in our W2 Labs start up programme.

With 3,400 vehicles, over 200 sites and with millions of product movements every year data is at the core of everything we do and we’re collecting more of it than ever before. Without this constant flow of information most technology hardware is nothing more than an expensive paperweight. When the right data is in the right systems the resulting insights can deliver fundamental change.

We want to use this data to improve our service to customers and to do this we need to see whether there are alternative data sources we can use, and whether there are patterns within our data to improve our business.

As a large employer, with over 18,000 people we can also use this data and insight to increase engagement across our operations through better forecasting, more accurate planning and removing bottlenecks allowing us to increase productivity, ensure safety and improve job satisfaction.

Through our W2 Labs programme we’re looking for solutions that can help us improve our use of existing data and supplement this with new information to develop greater insight for our business, our customers and our people. This could cover any area of relevance to our business including improving our own productivity, enhancing customer service or even managing an individual’s career within Wincanton.

We’re a finely tuned business, we just need to make sure we’re using the best quality information to power us forward.