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Collaboration is key

Written by Marcos Hart

Business Optimisation and Transformation Director, Wincanton

7th July 2017

With the W2 Labs demo day fast approaching we took the opportunity this week to gather our start-ups and sponsors to discuss the exciting progression of the programme so far.

We began working with the start-up teams back in June and one month in to this process it’s clear to everyone involved that there is lots of potential and some really exciting products and concepts. In all cases we’re demonstrating fantastic progress and with some of the teams we’re already close to having ready to use working products. As a sponsor it’s inspiring to work with such a passionate and dynamic group of motivated teams and individuals who are not only bringing fresh insight but also a different way of looking at our business challenges and those of our customers. We’ve already learnt a great deal from our start-up teams and I think they’ve learnt a lot from us too. 

It’s this part of the process that I’m most excited about. It’s entirely collaborative and opens up some really interesting dialogue between us as we bring together the start-ups, category sponsors, our colleagues and customers. We’re thankful that we have such great working relationships with our customers that not only allow us to get their perspective on these developments but also allow us to use their businesses as test cases and examples. We’ve always been strong on collaboration and I think our W2 Labs process is a perfect example of how these strong relationships can be used to benefit all.

The upcoming demo day, which will be held in early September, is shaping up to be a great event. We’ll have some strong working concepts to show you and I firmly believe that the W2 Labs programme will allow us to collaboratively define the future of the logistics industry.

Look out for further updates from our sponsors and start-ups as we share more on our progress.