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2022 Cohort


Automedi is a Circularity-as-a-Service provider. They combine mechanical, chemical and biological recycling with outreach 3D printing into highly scalable circular microeconomies that capture waste at source, turning them into cost-effective functional products on demand, while preventing plastics from ending up in landfill.

Find & Order

Find & Order developed an add-on solution to augment existing information systems: warehouse management systems (WMS), order management systems (OMS) and ERP. Combining their interactive mapping service, its features and specific algorithms for flow improvements, they bring up to +20% efficiency in product collection.


Navflex autonomously loads and unloads any trailer, container or box truck in dynamic, “real world” dock environments with our Plug and Play AMR technology that requires no infrastructure changes.


Nomagic provides smart pick & place robots to eliminate tedious tasks in e-commerce and retail warehouses while reducing cost per pick. Nomagic provides the smartest pick-and-place robotic arm that adapts to multiple environments and can receive, store, sort and pack products, operating from 1 shift, 5 days a week to 24/7 depending on needs.

Pick8ship Technology AG

Pick8ship Technology AG develops the Pick8ship Robot Fulfillment and Delivery System made of smart containers, multi-purpose handling robots and the Pick8ship Cloud OS operating system. With Pick8ship shippers can manage storage, picking, sorting, pick-up and delivery using a single, fast, modular system.