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2021 Cohort


BionicHIVE is developing an automated warehouse system based on a fleet of synchronous autonomous robots. Their fully-automated warehouse solution, SqUID, picks from floor to ceiling and retrofits onto any existing warehouse infrastructure.


CognitOps is an AI company that is redefining warehouse management and enabling businesses to create resilient supply chains. Their software empowers DC leadership with connected visibility, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and AI-powered decision automation.


ThriveMap create personalised online pre-hire assessments for companies hiring 100+ people every year into the same type of role.



BuildStream TRACK is a supply chain logistics management platform which allows clients to see all their supplier deliveries in a real-time map view, without the need for hardware installations in the supplier vehicle fleet.


Noam is a knowledge aggregation and automation platform that helps organisations become smarter by unifying, understanding, and analysing unstructured data – uncovering deeper trends not revealed by numbers alone.


Cloudleaf is the leader in continuous visibility and intelligence, enabling better business outcomes in real-time across the supply chain, logistics, operations and planning.