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2019 Cohort


e-bot7 is a German start-up that brings artificial intelligence to customer services. It aims to help companies operate more efficiently by analysing incoming customer messages and provide staff with accurate response suggestions. The technology automates repetitive and recurring questions, and reduces handling time by up to 80%.


French start-up iFollow has developed robots that guide and assist pickers in warehouses, augmenting their activity and improving working conditions. As well as saving time and streamlining warehouse flows, iFollow’s technology helps to reduce musculoskeletal injuries and other health and safety risks associated with picking.

Milvus Robotics

Milvus Robotics aims to make warehouses more efficient through the use of autonomous mobile robots. Many robotic solutions require changes to warehouse layout, but the Turkish start-up’s technology is designed to work in pre-existing spaces. Their machines operate alongside pickers and other warehouse staff to improve productivity and safety.

Soter Analytics

Soter Analytics has created wearable technology that helps workers reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury. SoterSpine monitors the movement and technique of people who perform physical work. It uses the data to give real-time warnings about hazardous actions and create personalised training plans that can be accessed via a mobile app.


The Sweetbridge Network is a financial system designed to deliver synchronised accounting in real-time. With built-in identity, legal agreements, accounting treatments and payments, for the first time, the system can reduce cost to serve, increase efficiency and boost customer loyalty.

Value Chain Lab

Value Chain Lab has built a software platform that helps businesses make timely and effective operational decisions. It does this by combining data from all stages of the supply chain in a ‘control grid’, which enables users to view information from different perspectives; such as supplier, customer, business unit and region. This offers insights into effective decision making.