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28th April 2017

How can the digital generation help our industry?

Watching my daughters grow up is a constant reminder of how much, and how quickly, our environment is changing. Our children seem to have devices in their hands from an early age and naturally embrace the digital world with ease. It’s a world with data at your fingertips and, it’s always on. This world offers …

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26th April 2017

Driving the future of vehicle automation with W² Labs

Much has been made of the potential autonomous vehicles in the transport sector. On-board computers may be trusted on the most straightforward motorway journeys, however it is likely that drivers will continue to hold a safety-critical role for more complicated driving and manoeuvres We operate more than 3,400 vehicles and our 4,000 drivers are a vital company …

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7th March 2017

Wincanton Launches Disruptive Innovation Programme: W2 Labs

WINCANTON LAUNCHES DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION PROGRAMME: W2 LABS Wincanton, the largest British logistics company, has launched W2 Labs – a new programme aimed at challenging start-ups from around the world to develop innovative solutions to industry challenges defined by the Wincanton Group. Run in partnership with L Marks, the corporate innovation specialist and early-stage investor, start-ups are invited …

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