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Frequently Asked Questions



Is my business right for W2 Labs?

We want to help startups take their business to the next level through collaboration with Wincanton. We’re interested in all startups that can help us, in one or more of the categories described. Your startup needn’t be at the very beginning of its journey. Maybe you have a product already, maybe you even have paying customers. If you feel that your startup could benefit from working with Wincanton then we’d love to receive your application.

What’s the deadline for applying?

9th April 2017

Is there a minimum age?

You must be at least 18 years old to enter W2 Labs

I don’t live in the UK, can I apply?

Of course! The best innovators can come from anywhere. Bear in mind that you may need a visa to participate in the accelerator and that you will be required to travel to the UK during the programme.




Is W2 Labs like other accelerators?

We believe we are different. We’ll provide your business with opportunities to:
● Trial your product with Wincanton
● Access funding from Wincanton and L Marks
● Receive mentoring from Senior Wincanton Executives
● Gain insights from subject matter experts through a top-notch education programme

What is the process?

The programme has 4 stages:

1. Apply
2. Pitch
3. Programme
4. Demo
See our timeline for more info

When is the W2 Labs programme running?

W2 Labs will run from the 5th June – 5th September 2017

Where is W2 Labs?

W2 Labs is at Wincanton’s headquarters in Chippenham, Wiltshire (UK)

Where will the mentors come from?

Mentors will include senior executives from Wincanton (see the bios on our homepage), experts within the wider Wincanton business, entrepreneurs and external subject matter experts. A full list of mentors will be announced in due course.

What does the day-to-day look like at W2 Labs?

W2 Labs’ itinerary is designed to help you create game-changing products. You’ll accelerate your working to rapidly develop your product, receiving essential guidance on key decisions in real-time from your mentors. Each startup’s experience on the programme will be unique – we tailor the mentoring and education programmes to meet your business’s specific needs.

How much will Wincanton and L Marks invest in my business?

We are looking to make early stage investments. Each participant will receive a bespoke investment offer before joining the programme.

How much equity will Wincanton and L Marks invest in my business?

There is no minimum equity requirement tied to the programme. The terms of each investment will be made using a mutually agreed valuation of your business.

Do I have to agree investment terms before joining the programme?

Yes, we’ll ask that you come to an agreement with us before the start of the programme.

When will I receive investment from Wincanton and L Marks?

Investments will be finalised at the end of the programme.

Will Wincanton and L Marks invest in every company that joins the programme?

We will agree investment terms with all the participating startups, however we will decide which startups we invest in at the end of the programme.